Jesse Groves was raised in the woods outside of Hanover, New Hampshire, the state that proudly holds as its motto “Live Free or Die.” His early education was a mélange of arrangements including: home, schooling abroad (Romania), and private and public school. He holds a BA in Visual Journalism and an MFA in Photography from Brooks Institute. Jesse is a curator and photographer living in Southern California who believes that art at its best is an important dialogue in intention, truth and community.

As a curator Jesse has mounted over 100 exhibitions including exhibits for Nick Brandt, Keith Carter, Jonas Jungblut, Luceo Images, Terrance Reimer, Todd Roeth, and many student and group exhibitions for Brooks Institute.

As a photographer Jesse has completed work for Coastal View News, Carpinteria Magazine, Chumash Magazine, Hillary Duff Clothing, JDK Design, NPR, Orange County Register, Santa Barbara New-Press, and Terry Bicycles.